Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month

ASCON management are giving the first priority to their workforce

believing that this is the most powerful key to be successful in the

market and to give you the ability to compete within the huge

amount of competition.
Furthermore, ASCON management has award Mr.Purna Shrestha as

the Employee of the Month of March in appreciation for his

commitment and continuous effort.

Latest News

Mr.Abdulaziz ALsayed the Owner of ASCON had signed a long term contract with Ministry of H...


Drainage work with municipalities

providing services to all ministries such as sucking the rainfall water, drainage, chemical and dump it in the proper area of waste. ...


Long Term Contract with ASRY

providing cleaning services, hiring the required equipments and affording an expert team for scaffolding services. ...


Tankering services with Tatweer Petroleum Company

ASCON has a long term relationship with TATWEER PETROLUEM COMPANY providing them a big fleet of tankers to serve the huge demand of TP in all over their rigs cooperating with them reaching their goals...


Construction Projects:

1. Askar 69nos. houses project with ministry of housing. 2. Nabih Saleh 47nos. Houses project with ministry of housing 3. construcion of individuals villas and building all over the cou...


Building new Gardens all over the country

Building new gardens through a long term contract with ministry of municipalities. ...